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The Intelligence DAO

Our Mission

For centuries, humanity has pondered the Intelligence that governs nature and Scientists have attempted to unravel the nature of the brain. A consensus on the definition of intelligence has yet to happen, as intelligence has different definitions depending on the field of study. The prevailing theory today is that intelligence is local to the brain.

The Unified Intelligence DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization challenging this perspective with the belief that investigating the distinction between Human intelligence and nature’s intelligence can help humanity build more efficient and symbiotic systems. At The Unified Intelligence DAO, we believe that to build such Artificial Intelligence Systems, we must first understand General intelligence.

To accomplish this, The Unified Intelligence DAO posed the following questions. What is Intelligence? What are Intelligent Systems? How do intelligent Systems Interact? These questions were answered in the publication, Dimensional Complexity, and Algorithmic Efficiency, a digital asset that holds the first complete and consistent definition of General Intelligence. The Unified Intelligence DAO is the custodian of Dimensional Complexity, Algorithmic Efficiency, The Language of IntelligenceThe Intelligence Standard, and The Intelligence Black Paper.

What problem does The Unified Intelligence DAO solve?

A prevalent issue in computer science today is creating a universal architecture for building artificial intelligence systems that are interoperable. Unfortunately, the current model for building such systems revolves around replicating human intelligence in computational systems. This is achieved with interpolation models that rely on collected data points. The issue that arises with that methodology is that humanity has yet to fully understand natural intelligence, the physical brain, or its connection to human intelligence.  Other limitations in the development of Artificial Intelligence systems include the acquisition and storage of data, computational limitations, and varying ethical challenges. The lack of a fundamental protocol defining intelligence, intelligent systems, and intelligent interactions has limited the development of a cohesive intelligence network. The Unified Intelligence DAO proposes an abstraction as a possible solution for General intelligence and aims to use this abstraction as a baseline algorithm for designing future Artificial Intelligence systems.

The Intelligence Tablet is a collectible that can live on any blockchain. This Tablet is the academic and artistic work of Cameroonian-born philosopher-polymath Alexander Ngu.